Sunday, June 3, 2012

Under the Costa Rican Sun

For those of us who did not meet the ghosts of philosophers-past last night, the weekend has still proven to be quite an adventure! This weekend was our first opportunity to shake off the lens of a student and experience Costa Rica from solely a tourist’s perspective. Saturday was an action-packed trip to Torcoles and Sunday has proven to be the day of rest and recuperation we needed.

I just wanted to quickly recap Saturday because we got some awesome photos to share! We traveled to Torcoles in our old-faithful bus. The bus in which we have transversed the country from the winding mountain roads that snake along the Pacific, to the old cobblestone streets of San Jose. Even the highway in Costa Rica is scenic, as you can see miles and miles of mountainous, green countryside.

The same green countryside that we got a birds-eye view of from our zip line adventure. We got to whizz through the forest Tarzan-style. The afternoon was a crocodile tour that would have made Steve Irwin proud. We took out a flat-bottom boat and got within feet of crocodiles.

Today we woke up to a big Sunday morning breakfast prepared by our host grandma, Abuelita. Fried plantains, eggs and fresh hot coffee. We had a nice lazy morning and headed into Cuidad Colon for lunch. We got pizza at Che's and it was worth the wait! It was nice to have a little comfort food from home. We got a box to go and hiked back home to have a picnic at our house. Lucky for us we beat the afternoon rain home.

Homework on our house's balcony is, in a very literal sense, the coolest place to be in the afternoon. The storm clouds always come in from over the mountains just around three o'clock and its a beautiful sight.

We are two weeks into our adventure and I'm sad to say, winding down our time in Costa Rica. It's crunch time with our final project coming up, but there is no better place to do work than under the Costa Rican sun. We were lucky today to miss out on the heavy storms that blow through most every afternoon in the rainy season. We had our day off in our own little slice of paradise. To cap off a great day we picked fresh oranges off the tree in our front yard for dessert!

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